“Thank you so much for giving me such a powerful coaching session. You managed to comprehend a problem I’ve been struggling with for 18 months, dissect it and move me to solutions all in 40 minutes time. Wow! The relief I felt after our session, in finally understanding the issue, was incredible. Thank you!”

Pat Sarsfield, Director Province of BC, MPA, MA, BA, B. Management

“I had the privilege of working with Nichole as she guided me through a critical phase in the development of my business. Nichole is an experienced coach who brings a wealth of expertise to her clients. Nichole asked me probing and intelligent questions that helped me to become clear about what I wanted to achieve and the steps I needed to take to get the results I desired. She helped me to stay on track when I was wavering, and provided me with direct, honest and insightful feedback. Nichole has a way of helping her clients achieve RESULTS!”

Diane A. Ross, BComm. (hons), LLB, CED

“I learned more about myself and achieved my goals while working with Nichole as my coach. Her positive and professional approach motivated me throughout the whole experience. Nichole’s probing but supportive questions brought clarity to my individual situation and provided the insight I needed to achieve my objective.”

K. Fronc, Chartered Accountant, Vancouver

“Working with Nichole is like having a results-focussed, strategic thinker and advocate in your corner. She is committed to my success and helps me see the potential in me that I know is there but sometimes can’t see as easily. Nichole believes in me and through that, I have achieved more than I thought possible on my own. Thank you!!”

Julia Menard, Executive Coach and Mediator

“As an executive coach, Nichole immediately established credibility with me by her knowledge of leadership dynamics and challenges. Nichole understood my need for a thinking partner, asking questions to get me thinking, and then giving me the space to think for myself. She created a safe place for me to challenge some of my own assumptions and beliefs, which is something I don’t get to do in a management meeting. I appreciated her insight and her ability to adapt her coaching style to suit my personality. I would recommend Nichole as an Executive coach for anyone looking to move forward with their leadership.

Sarah Hood, Manager, Workforce Development and Strategies, Capital Regional District

“Nichole was my tutor and coach, and absolute life-saver. I love the way Nichole teaches and coaches. She has a real gift for making the detailed and difficult seem understandable and logical. I often recall her saying “Think of the big picture, Pauline”, and I remember the warmth and encouragement in her voice. Nichole is a very warm, encouraging, caring person, and we laughed often in our sessions. I am grateful to Nichole for her help, and I would highly recommend her as a tutor and coach.”

Pauline Morrison, MBA candidate

“I had the privilege of receiving five hours of coaching from Nichole Grenier during which she demonstrated professionalism, competence, empathy and patience. She listened beyond my words for deeper meaning and context. Her questions and ideas enabled me to see my situation in a fresh way, and in turn to identify and explore possibilities. She gently moved the conversation forward which gave me the sense of becoming “unstuck” and building momentum. I left each session not only with an action plan and timeline, but feeling understood, supported, heartened and more confident. I am grateful for the hours I spent with Nichole and would recommend her as a coach without reservation.”

Ann Rice, Consultant, UBC Life and Career Centre, Vancouver

“You have done a great job in leading me to my own answers while providing encouragement and positive feedback. In addition, I feel you have done it with no judgement and no pressure. Thank you for that.”

Cathy Manson, Youth Consultant, BC/ Yukon Region, Service Canada

“As a learner at RRU, I witnessed a few of Nichole’s coaching skills at our first residency during her volunteer appearance. In a half hour period I was impressed by her professionalism as a coach/communicator. She demonstrated highly developed listening/ observation and feedback skills. Three weeks later I asked her to coach me for the duration of my program at RRU. I was so fortunate that she had an opening. Over the next six months Nichole’s process helped me deal with the competing challenges I faced as a leader, a learner and as a human being. Through her process, she helped me dig deeper to clarify my issues and priorities. I came out of each coaching session refreshed and with self-generated action plans (feeling accountable for implementing my commitments) and growing confidence. I trust Nichole to help me move myself forward and have recommended her, without reservation, to colleagues.

Bruce Meyers, Manager Consulting Services, Calgary, Alberta